Corporate social responsibility is a matter of trust. More than ever, in a world of heightened financial, physical and public relations risk, trust is being put to the test.

4iTrust’s mission is to safeguard the quality and continuity of its customers’ business interests and preserve the trust of clients, business partners, shareholders and staff by providing a unique combination of services. 4iTrust emphasizes the four i's in 4iTrust: Investigations, Integrity, Intelligence and Independence.

4iTrust acts within applicable rules and legislation.

4iTrust Integrity Services investigates fraud and corruption. Risk management, forensic IT investigations, screenings and forensic integrity management are also examples of the wide range of 4iTrust services. 4iTrust provides training in many areas, including screening, interview techniques, lie detection, fraud detection, etc.
4iTrust Integrity Services is licensed by the Ministry of Justice; number POB 1093.

4iTrust operates from Sneek, The Netherlands and is available at:

  • Mobile: +31(0)6 - 51489742
4iTrust Integrity Services has a wealth of forensic accounting and business investigative experience. Whether it's fraud, damage calculations, integrity issues, cybercrime or damage to reputation, our key values are independence, objectivity and confidentiality. We help you to improve the quality and continuity of your business and personal interests in The Netherlands and internationally.

4iTrust’s experienced investigators and integrity experts work in The Netherlands and around the globe on behalf of clients, which include government ministries, regulatory authorities, government-owned corporations, multinational corporations, financial institutions, small and mid-sized companies, law firms, liquidators and individuals.

4iTrust also conducts seminars and courses to train customer employees and provides instruction on the university level.

Your contact with 4iTrust Integrity Services starts with a free preliminary evaluation providing the basis for our plan of assistance, accompanied by transparent proposals concerning cost, methodology and expected turnaround time.

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